School Programmes / Community Service


Members of the haven will present information and give talks at various schools from underprivileged schools, government and to private schools. The aim of this is to create awareness of the situation regarding cruelty and abuse of horses. The haven has a programme in which the groups of students will follow:

  • Students will arrive and be given a talk and given an information booklet about the haven and what we do.
  • The students will then be introduced to all the horses at the haven and showed around the farm.
  • The students will be put into groups and have a chance to groom horses.
  • Members of the haven will then bring horses out and show students how to tack up, each student will then have a chance to have a short ride.
  • Students will then to be able to have a something to eat (Lunch must be brought by student in a packed lunch) and the haven will then then give another talk and any questions that the students have will be addressed
  • Students will then leave.
  • Each school will be sent all forms to fill out and be given to students that must be signed and sent back to the haven before the school can come down.

If you would like to book an outing at the Tom Ro Haven you can email the haven, Please check out the contact page.

Community Service

Groups of students will be able to come down to the haven to work their hours for community service. The students will have to follow a programme:

  • Students arrive and will be given a talk on what the haven does and be given an information booklet.

  • Students will then be shown around the farm and shown what to do, this can be anything from: Cleaning out paddocks, Mucking out stables, cleaning water buckets in stable and paddock, Moving oat hay bales and feed.

  • Students will then have a chance to be introduced to horses and groom them.

  • Students will then leave

Please note that if groups come down it is subject to change to when an individual comes down. The programme may be subject to change. Also if students/visitor come downs and has experience they will be allowed to lunge and ride horses. 

Each student/visitor will have to fill in forms and sign and send back to the haven before coming down.

If you would like to book some hours at the haven you can email the haven.