Our Vision

Tom Ro Haven aims to:

  1. Rescue abused, neglected and unwanted horses.
  2. To rehabilitate and school these horses.
  3. To offer non profit livery facilities, half, quarter, full and home leases to people.
  4. To use these horses to offer Equine Assisted Therapy to those in need as an alternative to medical therapy and an addition to conventional therapy.
  5. To teach underprivileged children a skill involving the care of horses, learning to ride and compete as well.
  6. To teach these young people general animal care and empathy so that they may take these values and principles back to their communities and implement them there, and influence and educate by example other members of their communities.
  7. To provide a safe haven for disturbed, abused and neglected children and young people, by giving them a safe environment to work through their problems and issues.
  8. To visit and educate the general community in general animal care and give them practical assistance and help as well as monitoring their progress.
  9. To provide corporate team building exercises to various corporates in order to identify concerns, promote confidence and motivate the teams to work to their full capabilities. This will also promote team work and discover new problem solving solutions as well as leadership and planning skills, building trust and teaching better communication skills.
  10. To provide therapeutic treatment for patients suffering from Post traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression, substance addictions and sexual and physical abuse.
  11. To provide lessons in equestrian sports from beginner to advanced levels in showjumping, dressage, showing and eventing.

How We Work