Our Team

Gillian McCulloch

Founder / General Manager

Registered Nursing Sister.

Diplomas in Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced wound care, Laproscopic and Open surgical procedures in all disciplines, Heamotology, Aneasthesiology.

2 years BSC Zoology at UCT

25 Years’ experience in Sales and Marketing including market analysis and clinical research and development of new products as well as patent registration.

Continuous work with abused animals and work with orphaned wildlife including big cats.

Experience in equestrian skills, and working with abused and neglected horses intensively for the last 3 years.

Stephanie McCulloch


Stephanie is the secretary of the haven and greets you on the phone and handles all the fundraisers and general paperwork of the haven. Stephanie is also very involved with the care and rehabilitation of the horses.

Scott Armstrong

Head Farrier

Scott is a wonderful addition to the haven family, Scott trims all horses and put shoes on, He also helps with the kids programme and shows the kids how to trim and put shoes on horses.

Contract Facilitators

We are currently negotiating with suitably qualified professionals who will provide the therapy. These individuals have the correct human as well as equine qualifications that are recognised by the various International as well as National bodies and medical funders.

Gillian McCulloch will manage and market the courses being offered as well as deciding which horses will be used for the various lessons. All aspects of the business will be managed by her and she will be assisted by other people as the company grows in order to maintain the efficient and reputable service being offered.