Our Horses and Programmes

Our Horses

The horses owned by the Haven are all rescued horses that have either been abused or neglected in the past or where the previous owner has been unable to continue looking after the horse. After rehabilitation they are used in our various programs.

Some of the horses at the haven are up for adoption, Half lease or Full lease.

Our Programs


Kids Programmes for the disadvantaged

Childen from various organisations and places of safety attebd the seesions at the haven. During the sessions they learn about general animal management, conservation, how to to ride, we will also develop special skills as well.

School Programmes/ Community Service

School Progammes - Members of the haven will present information and give talks at various schools from underprivliaged schools, Goverment and to private schools. The aim is to create awareness of the situation regarding cruelty and abuse of horses.

Community Service - Groups of students will be able to come down to the haven to work their hours of community service.

Equestrian Lessons

Lessons given by the haven

Equine - Assisited Therapy

The haven will do therapy sessions with those who are suffering from drug addiction and abuse.

Adoption/ Half and Full Lease.

Horses that are up for adoption and Full/Half lease