Our Horses

This beautiful gelding came to us at the age of 2 years and has very noble blood lines, Dynasty being his dad, and Royal Perogative and Bush Telegraph being his granddaddys.

Our beautiful gentle Bella so aptly named. She was found by a dog rescue centre standing literally in the middle of nowhere up the West Coast of Cape Town, with no signs of habitation nor food. She was starving and had a broken leg, which had healed at an unnatural angle but she adapted to this and could canter, gallop, buck and rear.

A beautiful welsh pony that had been knocked down by a car somewhere on the Cape Flats and had her neck broken. Who gave birth to a beautiful boy.

A magnificent dark bay gelding, He was bought for a young girl but he proved to be far too big for her. He was a good example of how different a horse can be when time is taken to develop a relationship, build trust and respect is nurtured from the ground, long before he is ridden.

A beautiful proud competitive horse. A successful A grade show jumper. He unfortunately faltered going over a jump and fell and cracked his scapula and was put in strict rest.

Our gentle giant. Badger came to us from Port Elizabeth, underfed and overworked. His owner had leased him out to someone who did not take care of him and his ligaments on his legs were damaged.

A young thoroughbred straight off the track. He did not want to run and his legs are a little less than perfect.


Hi my name is Dreamer. I am not sure how old I am.