Bonny and Flash

A beautiful welsh pony that had been knocked down by a car somewhere on the Cape Flats and had her neck broken. Who gave birth to a beautiful boy. The vertebral column was displaced and yet the spinal cord remained intact. Her owner did not bother to take her to a veterinary surgeon and just left her. Four years after her accident the owner surrendered her to the local SPCA, who contacted me as we were her last hope. No one wanted her and she was going to be euthanased despite not being in any pain whatsoever and living a full life.

The haven took her and she has been a gentle and wise teacher to all who work with her. We were concerned about certain changes in her physical appearance and were assured by a Vet and those more knowledgeable than ourselves, that she was fine. She was not 'fine', but in the most wonderful way, we discovered she was pregnant about 6 weeks before she reached full term.

She gave birth to the most wonderful little boy and has been a dedicated and loving mom. She has allowed us the privilege of being an intimate part of little Flash's life from the moment of his birth. She has taught Flash well and continues to do so. She continues to be an inspiration and an example of what can be overcome with love, dedication and trust. Flash is a healthy and has a beautiful personality.

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