Our beautiful gentle Bella so aptly named. She was found by a dog rescue centre standing literally in the middle of nowhere up the West Coast of Cape Town, with no signs of habitation nor food. She was starving and had a broken leg, which had healed at an unnatural angle but she adapted to this and could canter, gallop, buck and rear. The dog rescue team asked if we were able to help her, which we willingly agreed to do immediately. She was brought to the haven over a weekend.

The founder then got a call from the stables owner telling her that he had called the vet as Bella was really ill. Despite the founder being very ill herself she immediately headed there. The vet was already there and told Gillian that she had a tendon inner sheath infection, the treatment for this being to suspend the infected leg and treating it laproscopically, but we could not do this for her because her "good" leg was broken. Gillian was strongly advised to euthanase her immediately. Her head was still on Gillian's chest and this was not a decision to be taken lightly, so she was given the alternate and that was a course of intra venous injections of antibiotics and continuous testing and if in four days there was no improvement then the decision would have to be taken.

Gillian agreed to this as she deserved a chance. Twenty four hours later she was being led out of her stable for a short walk when another horse dared to come to close to her from behind and she promptly kicked out with both back legs placing all her weight on both front legs! She had survived yet again! She continued to thrive and today she is a gentle teacher to the children and anyone that comes into contact with her. This all despite her obvious abuse and neglect and she is constantly giving all she can to anyone who is privileged to be in her company.

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