The incidences of abuse, neglect, and abandonment of both horses and children in the Western Cape is unacceptably high. Tom Ro Haven is addressing these issues by rescuing and rehabilitating horses and using them to help children. We also educate them about general animal care, conservation, horse management, we give them riding lessons and provide equine assisted therapy. We provide many other activities to the general public, as well as corporate team building.

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We receive numerous phone calls on a daily basis to rescue more horses, but we cannot take them because of our lack of funds to look after them. It's heart-breaking and there are mares with foals, pregnant mares, young horses, as well as older ones all being sent to the abattoirs, used as breeding machines and being abused and neglected in the most horrific manner. The horses we have at Tom Ro Haven are a very small percentage, and an example of what we could do and achieve. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, and we are more determined and enthusiastic than ever before.

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